sq-for-navTonya wants to HELP YOU with YOUR EVENT…


Tonya LOVES helping the events she speaks at find new attendees, sponsors and vendors so Tonya also includes the following in all of her speaking engagements:

* Posts the event with your 600 x 120 banner on her websites with hyperlink to your event website at (around 100,000 hits a month):




* Takes your event banner you send us for the website promotion and includes it in her email newsletters in which she sends out around 75,000 per month to small to corporate businesses with a hyperlink to the event’s website to give exposure to the event so that Tonya’s email list may be introduced to the idea of becoming attendees, vendors or sponsors


* Promote the event to Tonya’s vast social media network on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so many others!


* Promotes on the Facebook and LinkedIn Public Speakers Association Group pages!


* Hand out your event’s fliers, postcards or promotional items at all event she is involved with leading up to the speaking engagement (as long as the event allows it… most do because she’s doing the same for them)


* Personally contact companies and people that Tonya wants to see there as a sponsor, vendor or attendee!


Tonya also will give you…

Bonus items to give to your attendees to encourage them to attend Your event!


Bonus items for Your VIP Attendees and/or Sponsors!


Huge Giveaway Offer at the End that you can promote to keep people there until the end!


Tonya will also…

Stay the ENTIRE Time and Speak to Your Attendees!

Do you have another idea on how Tonya can help you promote the event?  Please let her know… she is open to new ideas!