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Presentation Topics
Presentation Topics
What will Tonya speak about at your next event? Click on the Globe below for more details!
Here is a list of the titles and subjects for Key Notes, Workshops, Corp. or Business Trainings, Emcee, etc.
Yippee List!
Yippee List!
Where has Tonya spoken at in the past? Click on Globe below for more info!
This page lists some of the speaking opportunities that Tonya has been involved with in the past!
Promote YOUR Event!
Promote YOUR Event!
Tonya loves helping you create a super successful event! Click on Globe below for more details!
Tonya will help you find sponsors, vendors, attendees and she gives lots of extra bonuses! She gives you some of her most impact filled strategies to bring more success and more excitement to help you create a winning combination for a great event.
Gallery of Fun!
Gallery of Fun!
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Here are some great connections photos, events and awards and Tonya’s head shot for your use for your website to promote her in your line up of speakers.
Who is Tonya?
Who is Tonya?
Here is Tonya’s Short Bio… Just so you get some insight to who she is! Click on Globe below for more details.
You will find Tonya’s Short Bio for your use to showcase Tonya at your next event and a longer Bio, so you know a bit about what she has done and who she is. Enjoy!


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