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Tonya Hofmann’s Presentation Info:

If you seek an engaging speaker or workshop presenter that has learned her craft in

hundreds of conferences, events, corporate training’s, etc. then Tonya is the obvious choice. 


Speaking Topics

Most requested Keynote Presentation:

“Own Your Fabulousness!”

Tonya has found the secret to developing wealth, growing businesses, developing leadership and expanding opportunities and she is now going to unveil the real facts to YOU!

-How to Grow Influence

-Develop Relationships that Create Opportunities

-Flourish with Confidence

-Cultivate a Community

Don’t miss this fun and interactive presentation that will not only motivate you but give you real information that is easily implementable and achievable!

Internationally requested Breakout Session/Workshops:

Build the “Right” Community for Massive Momentum!

Success is achieved when you filter out those who don’t fit and filter easily in a community that not only is a perfect target market but that achieves your community involvement goals!  Tonya walks you through exact steps to build content, drive traffic and close sales that achieves both goals for your client and yourself.

-Building the Rules Factor

-Filtering in and out

-Create momentum with Personality Filtering

-Develop an Attract Mode vs an Attack Mode

Tonya will help your audience create maximum movement in their business with the ease of community involvement!


“Branding: YOU”

Put REAL… YOU personality into your presentations, websites, social media and more!

Learn how to:

-Grow the right community that “gets” you

-Attract thousands of perfect clients to your website

-Avoid collaborating with those who will harm your growth rather than enhance your growth!

Tonya will walk your audience step by step into an easy “fix” to create real momentum in their business, clientele and even personal relationships.


“Turn Strangers into VIP Clients!”

Tonya will walk you step by step from finding to appointment to closure of the sale with any new prospect. You will be able to implement:

-Finding your target market

-Filtering for better results

-Lead Generation for Future Sales

-Closing the Sale

-Follow up with those who “Aren’t Ready”

You don’t want to miss this international expert that wants to help you achieve your goals.

“Change the World from the Front of the Room”

Tonya will walk you step by step through how you can transform yourself and the world at the same time by utilizing presentations, workshops, webinars, teleconferences, etc.

She will:

-Explain the exciting changes in the speaking world

-Show you how to utilize other people’s people to really create momentum for your message, product/service or business

-How easy it is to get over fears of speaking

-Employing the internet to market a message

You do not want to miss this interactive and fun presentation on how YOU can make a difference and create an immediate impact.

“Transforming Strangers into Leveraged Relationships”

Tonya will walk you step by step through how you can transform your career, business, and opportunities by simply leveraging a radio show, TV show, event, etc. to create HUGE openings you can’t buy!

You will learn:

-What is leveraging and why you must learn the art

-Win-Win scenarios and how to create them and ASK for them

-Develop strategies that will transform the “perfect” stranger into an amazing opportunity

You do not want to miss this interactive and fun presentation on how YOU can make a difference and create an immediate impact on your life!

Tonya’s happy to help you with:

Opening Keynote – Closing Keynote – Banquet Speaker –

Emcee – Sales Meetings – Workshop Training – Business Seminars

Additional Breakout Sessions Available:

-Turning Strangers into VIP Clients

-Stop One Off Selling

-How to Recruit Beyond Your Family

-Stand Out or Stop Complaining

-Only Nice People Allowed

-If You Don’t Fail You Don’t Win

-Build Traffic with a Smile

-Create Business Groupies


Tonya’s Speaker Sheet

Click Here for PDF… Speaker Sheet 2017-1


Here are a few testimonials:

“Tonya Hofmann epitomizes the artistry of speaking.  We had the honor of her speaking at the 2012 Authors Networking Summit, where she left an undeniable impression upon our audience.  So when it came to planning for 2013, she was one of the first invitations we extended to be a keynote at this year’s summit.  Tonya brings her professional expertise and compassion to every conversation she has with her audiences.  They leave educated, empowered, enlightened and energized for their next round in the boxing ring of business.  She is an event planners dream come true!”

Sharon C. Jenkins, The Master Communicator: The Author’s Networking Summit


“Tonya was a keynote speaker for my Virtual Event “The Feminine Energy Revolution”.  Not only did Tonya share illuminating detail on how she turns strangers into VIP clients, but also her keys to success through creating multiple streams of income, funnels, memberships and group organizations, and public speaking!  She was engaging and thought provoking and I highly recommend her as a speaker for your next event!”

Robin Cordova: The Feminine Energy Revolution


“Tonya recently was one of my guest speakers at a 3 day training seminar. She is brilliant, funny and a fabulous speaker. She has a way of talking about entrepreneurship that is engaging and keeps you wanting more. If you are looking for a speaker for your next event – hire her!” 

Michele Scism: CEO &  Founder of Decisive Minds and the Take Action Get Profits Conference


“Wow!  Inviting Tonya Hofmann to be our Keynote Speaker was the perfect way to kick off the new year!  Tonya was truly a sensational speaker at our event.  In fact, we had more people register to hear Tonya speak than ever before for one of our events!  She was thought provoking and professional.  Her engaging style, presence and unique ability to be down to earth had the audience hanging off her words.  We received a lot of incredible feedback from the participants.  If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker, I would highly recommend Tonya for any conference.”

Theresa Allen: CEO Pamper Your Biz and the Westchase Business Zone



“Tonya was a speaker at WAGC Bootcamp. I have heard Tonya speak before and was delighted she was able to speak at WAGC Bootcamp. Her presentation really hit home in several ways about how entrepreneurs must be prepared to have high paying clients. Many of the attendees had many takeaways from the presentation. Tonya also provided resources so attendees could continue to implement what they learned well after the presentation was over. Tonya open her heart to providing support to the winner of my Fundraising Gala as well. Tonya goes above and beyond what most entrepreneurs will do to help other entrepreneurs as well as make a positive impact on their community. I highly recommend Tonya to not only speak at your next conference or expo but to work closely with her to build your business through her many connections.”

Vernetta R Freeney  : Women are GameChangers and Bootcamp


I have known Tonya for several years and have heard her speak many times.  Each time I do, I learn new concepts and come away feeling as though I have just inhaled a field of sunflowers.  Her presentations are vibrant, fresh, and loaded with terrific information.  As an observer, I watch the audiences and they are always riveted.  She involves them and manages to weave a new spell on them every time.  I intend to hear her speak at every opportunity. 

Gene Vasconi:  Owner, Communication Arts and author of “Say What: Do You really Know What you Are Communicating?”


When Tonya Hofmann speaks people not only listen they learn. I have had the honor of hearing Tonya speak on several occasions. She has helped me take my leadership and sales skills to the next level with her trainings. She has the ability to grip her audience with her enthusiasm, and she brings clarity and purpose back to their vision.

Tracy Mowry


Tonya is available for Key Note, Workshops, Emcee and Corporate Trainings

Tonya Hofmann