Tonya’s Short Bio:

-CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association & Wowdible

-Globally Sought-After Speaker

-Cover of 5 Magazines

-Best Selling Author of 7 International Books

-Winner of Multiple National and International Industry and Association Awards


-Host of Tonya Hofmann’s Wow TV Show


Here is a little more info…


Look in the dictionary under “well-connected” and you will discover Tonya Hofmann’s photo.  Being well-connected is a side benefit of her years of experience in retail sales, training, network management, and private/public sector consulting.  Tonya’s effervescence comes from a genuine love of people and intense drive to help them achieve their potential.  When you meet her for the first time you will not hear “all about her” but she will ask, “How can I help YOU!”  This is typical of how she councils her clients to re-energize their business life.  It is all about helping others.


Tonya is the CEO and Founder of the Public Speakers Association and the High Achieving Network & Women’s Club to bring together the incredible connections to the world’s top experts that can immediately benefit any company or government agency’s employees!  Both organizations are global in not only actuality but mindset as well.  She is well known and sought after across the globe as a Keynote, Motivational, Emcee, Trainer, Workshop Presenter or whatever it takes to meet someone new and change someone’s life!  She has two rules for her organization and life… Only Nice People Allowed and Only Imperfect People Please!


Tonya has won multiple Huge Awards such as ones from eWomenNetwork, the Evolutionary Business Council, The Texas Black Women’s Expo, Xcellent Choice, Profiles in Power and Females are Fabulous.


She is a 7 multi-book International, Best Selling author with her book “A Client A Day the Coffee Shop Way!”, “Own Your Fabulousness”, the PSA’s Compilation book “Change Your World”, Soar 2 Success” and “25 Brilliant Speakers”!  She speaks on these great topics which covers finding, receiving, closing and keeping new clients!


Her woman and minority owned company are both WBE and HUB certified and continues to support those on a journey to improve their own life and the lives around them.


Tonya believes in showing her audiences throughout the world how to develop such areas as unique brands, profit creation, retention & inclusion, sales and leveraged connections.  She gives her audience new “real” ideas and help them transform their bottom line to grow and explode their business/career immediately following the presentation!  “I don’t just talk it, I help you walk it!” is not just a slogan but a code of conduct and ethics.  Each presentation is designed to give her audience the maximum exposure to the ideas and formulas that anyone can turn around and implement.


Tonya’s Journey:


25 Years Old Bought a Science and Nature Store called Grey Matter


At 27 Opened up her second location in Houston, TX


At 32 Traveled across Texas as a Wholesale Sales Representative for 30 manufactures


At 38 Launched Your Local City, Inc. which became a website graded at a 98 out of a 100 with up to 500,000 hits a month.  Website and Software/App development became a back bone support for lots of local businesses to corporate solutions.


And Formed a Statewide Business Networking Group Organization in all 4 major cities in Texas with up to 25 groups running at one time.


At 44 She Sold Your Local City Networking Groups in the Spring of 2011 and


Launched Stand Out In Your Business with her husband to support businesses more with business development and creation of multiple income streams.


At 45 She also created the Public Speakers Association in Jan 2013 to help professional and up and coming speakers get connected, view upcoming events to speak at and receive information to help them grow their speaking business.


At 48 She launched the Career Speaker Academy and expanded that program throughout the US and Canada with Instructors giving her Certification courses in multiple cities and virtual events.


At 50 She launched Simply Attract to help business owners attract and stop attacking their target market.


At 51 She is certified (WBE & HUB) her website and software business, Your Local City, Inc. as a woman and minority owned company to offer better solutions to corporate and government agencies and to those in business who have corporate or government agencies as a client.


Created the High Achieving Women’s Club and the High Achieving Network which is a phone app for both Women’s Initiative Programs and Diversity and Inclusion Programs to help bridge the gap between the amazing experts she knows and the companies and employees who need them in a simple daily video series with live chat and other options to move the needle and change lives for the better!


Who knows what the future will bring…  “How exciting is that!”


So… get connect to Tonya today!


For More Information about:


Public Speakers Association


Speaker Certification Course


Your Local City, Inc.



Dianne Crosley-BowdaryTonya’s training was so invaluable, that I immediately signed up for her next class.  You definitely do not want to miss the rare opportunity to be a part of a seminar that can be so transformational for your business!

Dianne Crosley-Bowdry


I had one A-HA moment after another during Tonya’s presentation! Her advice on how to create multiple income streams was, hands down, some of the best information I’ve heard. She was gracious enough to share her web “secrets” to getting more clients and making top dollar for our invaluable information. Most of all, she oozes compassion and truly wants to help people achieve their best!

Davina Ilgin