Attract New Clients:

Create Your Own TV Show!

Step-by-Step How to DO EVERYTHING:


I know you want to get your message out to more people, find new clients, create more buzz for your products, services, message…


I have found the BEST approach is an internet TV Show!


I went from AM to FM Radio to a million listeners on Blog Talk so when I left all of that for YouTube and an internet TV Show, people thought I was CRAZY!  But immediately, I saw the results I expected… new clients.




People want to watch video… so they can experience someone’s real personality

Guests invite their connections from their email and social media lists which creates an immediate warm market of potential new clients

Create real lead generation opportunities to invite people to opt in to your newsletter, follow you on social media, connect with you for a conversation, receive a free offer, send them to product, book, service to buy, the list never ends!



Is it easy?  HECK YAH!  Or I wouldn’t do it but of course, it is super nice to not have to figure out anything on your own. 


So I’ve decided to offer a 1 time opportunity for you to be on a live presentation and receive…




Create an awesome name for your show, what to say, how to start, how to interview, how to close, etc.

Work to shoot your show

Set up your environment to create more sales

What you need to record… lighting, camera, the whole set up figured out for you!

Banner ads to post on YouTube and Your Website

Post the show on YouTube for maximum watch rate

Embed into Your WordPress Website so Viewers watch on YOUR website and not YouTube for more traffic to your website

Push through social media easily



This is LOTS of INFO & Screen Shots, Shared Screen and did I mention… ALL REAL INFO!


I usually offer this to clients for $497 but because you responded and I want more people sharing their message…

I’m offering at a crazyyyyyyy…


Bonus… I’ll be your first guest and help promote your show to 50,000 of my friends on social media!


Listen to the recordings over and over again and Watch at your convenience!


Sign up now… and let’s have some fun!

We’ll send you the link to all the recordings ASAP… Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Click HERE!

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