Branding YOU!

You are the Difference!

Do you…

Sound like everyone else?

Look like everyone else?

Struggle like everyone else?

STOP the Craziness… I’m here to support you!


Stop fitting into other people’s Branding Boxes and Enjoy YOU…

I will help you create the full brand!  We’ll discuss & create images for print, websites, social media, etc.


Help you become the “real” you on stage!

No more hiding the brilliance of YOUR Personality… never be afraid to NEVER fit in the box.  It is your time to shine and enjoy YOU… why????  Because it is a LOT more simpler, your business and speaking career will take off, people will become your biggest fan, EVERYTHING becomes incredibly CLEAR, Concise and Feels GREAT!


How to infuse YOUR personality and brand into everything you do:

Titles and Descriptions of your talks

Full Stage presentations with Power Point for 15 / 30 / 45 and 60 minute presentations

Website changes

Social Media, Print and Etc………


How to have HUMOR on stage without EVER telling a Joke!

Stop trying to be funny and start living your humor.

We’ll explore your actual humor and bring it out.


Attract a Perfect Target Market that can’t wait to get to know you!!!

We’ll explore how to find, create and attract the exact new clientele who can’t resist you and your brand.

No longer hunt for clients… start attracting new clients!


Create a Back of the Room Offer to create the connections for new clients and potential new clients!

Learn how to filter so you only find those you are excited to work with.

Close more sales instantly so less follow up and price things accordingly to the time frame, audience and product.

Create funnels… easy funnels… to wake up to more online sales!

This is a one time offer:

Only $997





This live, virtual training over the computer makes it super convenient for YOU and

help won’t be offered like this again!

From now on, you would take this course through an audio recording only.

Connect with others in this event that will help you promote and market what you have going on!





I want to help promote you… You get to be a part of a future, exclusive event that we will all do together.

Most likely a webinar series but could be a live in-person event!






1on1 conversation and training with me before the training starts with the group.

We’ll dive in to make sure we have focus, clarity and a game plan.






Let’s talk throughout the next 3 months… so once a month, we’ll get on a call together…

just YOU and ME!

BTW… My 1on1 coaching is $1000… so lots of savings!



I want the crowd to LOVE you and

Feel like they ABSOLUTELY want MORE of YOU!

This isn’t Fluffy Cloud information.  I personally will give you insight on how to make a sale happen, how to connect, build a referral network, set up systems and reach beyond what you even think is possible!

“You have a life that I can’t live which means you have information that others want and need.  I want you to own your fabulousnessnessness!”

I will help you transform your reality today into the vision you have for tomorrow.


Rules in Hiring a Coach:

  1. Only hire someone who is Actually and Successfully doing what You want to do!
  2. Doesn’t say “Good-bye” once the session is over
  3. Looks at every aspect in your business in 2 ways:

-Can Your Speaking Business Help More People?

-Can Your Speaking Business Make More Money?

You can’t have one without the other!

  1. Is willing to connect you to people they know
  2. Is positive and sees more in you and your business than you see yourself!


Stop Being:

-Frustrated…  Take Action

-Stumped… Learn Fast

-Confused… Make Money Now!


This is completely focused on your genius and what you want to help people with.  Every rock will be over turned and gone through.


How will it work?

  1. Will meet on My so that all the participants have a chance to meet each other (new potential clients right away!)
  2. Starts Sundays, at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST/ 6pm PST for 6 full weeks
  3. It will all be recorded so if you can’t make it that evening or can’t stay for the whole time… listen any time and listen as much as you want!
  4. Ask any question you need to get clear!  After each section, we’ll take a break and answer anything that pops up.
  5. Have a “issue” that you think doesn’t apply to anyone else.  Receive a “free” coaching session if we run into that issue!

tonya-hofmann-pointingSimply fill out this SECURE FORM below…

Only $997 today…

Jump on this amazing low offer!

Don’t forget about all the bonuses!


“Not Only was I reminded that I have an incredible message to share but that thinking small was

no longer an option.  I have coached with some super stars in the coaching industry but no one brings

it home like Tonya!  It is an honor to work with her.”

jisele-closeupJisele Tuuri

CEO and Founder of the Raw Foods Alliance


Power Behind the Coaching:

Tonya has:

-Owned Two Successful Retail Stores for 7 years in Houston, TX that brought in $750K a year in sales

-Created a Statewide networking group organization (Your Local City Networking Groups) with 20 groups throughout the state of Texas and sold it in 2011.  The website was receiving around half a million hits a month!s

-Created a second Networking Organization (Organization Of Power Partners) and sold that business in 2014.

-Created the Worldwide Organization for speakers (Public Speakers Association) at the end of January 2013 and by the end of the year had 24 groups running and expanding across the US and into Canada and Malaysia! The website is getting so many hits that they are switching to a programming language that will handle the traffic.

-Went from knowing no one in 2005 to winning the most connected person in the world award by 2008 from eWomenNetwork Femtor Award Business Matchmaker of the Year and winning the Global Mentorship Award in 2016 with the Evolutionary Business Council!

-Went from fear of saying “Hello” to anyone to speaking on stage in front of thousands.

-Not owning her own voice to owning her Fabulousness and changing lives everyday by Focusing on how to make them more money!

-From no one caring who Tonya was to being booked to speak all over this amazing planet!

-Learning to Leverage to help more people and herself.

-Tonya meets 100s of people a week to refer your direction…  Part of the marketing is done just by being connected to her!


Tonya Hofmann:

CEO & founder of the Public Speakers Association

-Globally Sought After Speaker

-Host of Tonya Hofmann’s Fabulous TV Show

-Best Selling Author of 7 Books

-Winner of 4 major awards like the eWomenNetwork Conference “Business Matchmaker of the Year” and Global Mentorship Award for the Evolutionary Business Council

-On the Cover of 5 magazines with the featured article in each… 1 magazine is even her main “competitors”!

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